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Another Jesus

The following are links to a Bible study series called "Another Jesus" which shows that the "Jesus" that is taught in much of the Christian world is not the Jesus of the Bible, but is rather the opposite of the real Jesus in nearly every respect, including: his nature, his birth, his death, his appearance, his works, his ability, in saving his people, in setting up his kingdom, in preserving his church, in preserving his word, his attitude, his emotions, his character, and his future plans.

The outline is attached below.

Another Jesus (Part 1) - His Nature; His Birth
Another Jesus (Part 2) - His Death; His Appearance; His Salvation of His People; His Kingdom
Another Jesus (Part 3) - His Church; His Word; His Attitude, Emotions, and Character
Another Jesus (Part 4) - His Attitude, Emotions, and Character
Another Jesus (Part 5) - His Future Plans

To learn more about the real Jesus Christ, go here: Jesus Christ

Is your Jesus a Failure? Check out this video to find out: Is your Jesus a Failure?

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