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Sermons by Speaker 'pastor tim boffey'

Ordination of Chad Wagner

107:32 minutes (22.38 MB)

Ordination By The Laying On Of Hands
I. ordain: To appoint, decree, destine, order. To appoint (a person, etc.) to a charge, duty,
or office.
II. The ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ is perpetuated by one elder/bishop/pastor/minister/steward
instructing qualified able men and ordaining them. 2TI 2:2 c/w TIT 1:5-9.
A. The office of N.T. ministry began with Jesus Christ ordaining the apostles (MAR 3:14)
who were also elders (1PE 5:1) as well as seventy others. LUK 10:1.
B. The N.T. shows the apostles doing the work of elders, including ordaining others.

Jonah 4

63:12 minutes (13.02 MB)

vs. 1-9.
A. Apostles (ACT 14:15) and prophets (JAM 5:17) were men of passions as other men; they were
not supermen.
1. passion: Any kind of feeling by which the mind is powerfully affected or moved; a
vehement, commanding or overpowering emotion.
2. Jonah was particularly driven by passion: displeased exceedingly, very angry (v. 1);
despondent (v. 3); exceeding glad (v. 6); despondent, angry (v. 9).
3. His emotionalism put him in a position not unlike that which he seems to have hoped
would be the fate of Nineveh. PRO 25:28.