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Proverbs 4:13 (Mini Sermon)



13. Pro 4:13 - "Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life."
A. Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go:
i. Once a man hearkens to and receives instruction, he must take fast hold of it and let her not go.
a. Fast adv. - 1. a. In a fast manner, so as not to be moved or shaken; lit. and fig.; firmly, fixedly. 2. a. With firm grasp, attachment, or adhesion; so as not to permit of escape or detachment; tightly, securely. Often with bind, hold, etc. lit. and fig. See also hold v.
b. Hold v. - 1. a. To keep watch over, keep in charge, herd, ‘keep’ (sheep, etc.); to rule (men). Only in OE. and early ME. Obs. 2. a. To keep from getting away; to keep fast, grasp. Often with advb. extension, as hold fast; see also IV.
ii. In other words, as it pertains to instruction, we need to strive to remember what we have been taught.
a. We should remember God in the days of our youth (Ecc 12:1).
b. Remembering is crucial to understanding (Mat 16:9).
c. We will not understand more advanced doctrine if we can't remember the basics that we have been taught.
d. Jesus exhorted the disciples to remember what He said to them (Joh 15:20).
e. Jesus expected them to remember the things He told them (Joh 16:4).
f. The apostles also exhorted us to remember the things that Christ and themselves taught (Act 20:35; Jud 1:17).
g. We are told numerous times to not forget God and His word (Psa 119:16; Psa 119:141; Pro 3:1; Pro 4:5).
iii. Here are some tips on how to remember what you have been taught.
a. Meditate on scripture and what you have learned in a sermon (Psa 1:2; 1Ti 4:15).
b. Meditate v. - 1. trans. To muse over or reflect upon; to consider, study, ponder.
c. Make sure your mind is focused when you are listening to a sermon or reading scripture.
(i) Don't allow your mind to wander.
(ii) Call back those roving thoughts.
d. After meditating on God's word, try to summarize what you just learned (Psa 77:12).
e. Review what you have been taught within a day or two of learning it.
(i) Make notes on the outline and circle cross-reference verses on it during the sermon.
(ii) Review the outline later and write those cross-references in your Bible.
f. Quiz your children and spouse after church to find out what they learned.
B. keep her; for she is thy life.
i. Remembering lessons in scripture can save our lives (Luk 17:32).
ii. Those that forgot the law of God and let it go will be destroyed (Hos 4:6).
iii. The reproofs of instruction from the word of God are the way of life (Pro 6:23).