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Psalm 37 (Part 02) - Psa 37:1b-2 - Envy Not the Wicked


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C. The second is being envious of them.
i. Envious adj. - 1. Full of envy, affected or actuated by envy; vexed or discontented at the good fortune or qualities of another.
ii. Envy n. - 1. Malignant or hostile feeling; ill-will, malice, enmity.
iii. Envying a good man is a grievous sin (Pro 27:4) -- how much more so a wicked man!
iv. God's children have a tendency to be jealous of the wicked who have it so good and are not chastened by God (Job 21:7-13).
v. Though the wicked reject God and get away with it for a while, they will be judged eventually (Job 21:14-20; 1Ti 5:24-25).
vi. Envying sinners must be replaced with fearing the LORD (Pro 23:17).
a. Fearing the LORD will give us wisdom which will enable us to understand that it is foolish to envy sinners (Pro 9:10).
b. Fearing the LORD will cause us to depart from evil men (Pro 16:6), not desire to be with them (Pro 24:1).
vii. The antidote to envying the wicked is going to church and hearing the truth preached (Psa 73:1-17).
viii. Though the wicked sometimes get away with doing evil for a long time, in the end it will not be well with them, but it will be well with the righteous (Ecc 8:12-13).
D. Solomon apparently learned these two lessons from his father David who penned Psalm 37 (Pro 24:19-20).

2. Psa 37:2 - "For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb."
A. Like the grass, the wicked only flourish for a short time and then God gets out the lawnmower (Psa 90:5-6).
B. They soon wither and fade like the grass and the flowers (Isa 40:6-8).
C. They will be gathered into bundles to be burned (Mat 3:12; Mat 13:30).
D. They will be cast into the lake of fire (Rev 20:11-15).
E. They should therefore not be envied.