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Search Me, O God (Part 1)


I. The need for self-examination.
1. The thing that distinguishes human beings from all other creatures is our rational mind which is capable of self-reflection.
2. The spirit within man enables him to know himself (1Co 2:11).
A. We can think with ourselves (Act 26:9).
B. We can force ourselves to do something (1Sa 13:12).
C. We can keep ourselves from sinning (2Sa 22:24).
D. We can commune with ourselves (Psa 4:4; Psa 77:6; Ecc 1:16).
E. We can comfort ourselves (Psa 119:52).
F. We can consult with ourselves (Neh 5:7).
G. We can determine with ourselves (2Co 2:1).
H. We can judge ourselves (1Co 11:31).
I. We can hate ourselves (Job 42:6).
J. This is not limited to the righteous; the wicked can think within themselves, too (Est 6:6; Isa 10:7-14).
3. An important aspect of self-reflection is self-examination.
A. We must examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith (2Co 13:5).
B. We are to prove all things and hold fast that which is good (1Th 5:21) and that proving process should begin with proving ourselves (2Co 13:5).
C. We must examine ourselves particularly before we partake of communion (1Co 11:28).
II. The need to ask God to search and try our hearts.
1. We should ask God to search our hearts (Psa 139:23-24).
A. Jesus Christ is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb 4:12-13).
B. The Lord searches our hearts by using our spirit as a candle to shed light on the dark places in our hearts (Pro 20:27).
C. The Lord gives our spirits understanding through His inspiration (Job 32:8).
i. If we ask for wisdom and understanding, God will give it (1Ki 3:9,12).
ii. The key to getting wisdom is asking in faith, nothing wavering (Jam 1:5-7).
iii. God gives wisdom and understanding through His word (Pro 2:6; Psa 119:104).
D. After asking God to search our hearts, we should do some searching ourselves (Lam 3:40).
E. We should ask God to cleanse us from secret faults (sins we don't know about) and make them known unto us (Psa 19:12; Job 6:24; Job 13:23).
F. We should ask God to let our words and our thoughts be acceptable to Him (Psa 19:14).
G. We should ask God to cause us to know the way we should walk and to teach us to do His will (Psa 143:8,10).
H. We should ask God to teach us what we don't see (Job 34:32).

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