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Brother Austin Hatcher preached a sermon on the importance of being joyful.

I Am With Thee

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Watch the video of this sermon on YouTube: I Am With Thee

The outline is attached at the bottom of this page.

I Am With Thee

I. In the scriptures, the LORD said to His people ten times, "I am with thee."
1. Before we look at this blessed promise, how do we know if it applies to us personally and individually?

Blog - The Last Shall Be First


"But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first." (Mat 19:30)

I was asked by my lovely wife this morning what is meant by "the first shall be last; and the last shall be first." As I pondered it and searched the scriptures, I found that the Lord Jesus Christ used this phrase, or a variation of it, on a few occasions referring to different things.

Psalm 23

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Bud Schaitberger preaches a sermon on the 23rd Psalm. There is no outline for this sermon.


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Watch the video of this sermon on YouTube: Aliens

A copy of the outline can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


I. Abraham the alien.
1. Abraham was a man of faith (Rom 4:3).
2. Abraham is the prototypical man of faith in the Bible.
A. Prototypical - Of the nature of or serving as a prototype; prototypal.

The Blessing of Abasement (Part 2)

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A copy of the outline can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

To Listen on YouTube, click here: The Blessing of Abasement (Part 2)

II. The blessing of abasement for ministers
1. Abasement helps remind us of our weakness (2Co 11:21-30).
2. It reminds us that we are but mere earthen vessels (2Co 4:7).

The Blessing of Abasement (Part 1) - Learning How to Abound

66:31 minutes (20.2 MB)

A copy of the outline can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

To Listen on YouTube, click here: The Blessing of Abasement (Part 1) - Learning How to Abound

The Blessing of Abasement

I. Abundance and abasement are the two extremes in which we often find ourselves (Php 4:11-12).
1. As ministers and Christians, we must learn how to abound.

Remembering My Grandma, Joy Wagner

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To Listen on YouTube, click here: Remembering My Grandma, Joy Wagner

This sermon was preached in memory of my Grandma, Joy Wagner who was very dear to me and who died today, June 12th, 2016 at 94 years old.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

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To Listen on YouTube, click here: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Pastor Wagner does an extemporaneous Bible study on Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.

How God Helps Us to Muddle Through Life

77:17 minutes (16.58 MB)

Elder Conrad Jarrell preached a sermon on serving God in one's latter years and how God helps us to get through this life by strengthening, exercising, chastening, and encouraging us.

Blog - Looking Forward


It has been well said, "It's not where you've been, but where you're going that matters." Many Christians suffer with a lot of baggage in their past. Some were mentally or physically abused as children; some were rejected by parents, siblings, or friends in their youth; some have haunting memories of the sins of youth and adulthood. These haunting memories and experiences often shape our personalities and we identify ourselves by what we were in the past.

Unbelieving Children of God

80:54 minutes (16.79 MB)

I. Defining the terms.
1. Unbelief n. - Absence or lack of belief; disbelief, incredulity. a. In matters of religion.
2. Belief n. - 1. The mental action, condition, or habit, of trusting to or confiding in a person or thing; trust, dependence, reliance, confidence, faith.
3. Unbeliever n. - One who does not believe; spec. one who does not accept a particular religious belief, an infidel.
4. Believer n. - One who believes. a. One who has faith in the doctrines of religion; esp. a Christian, Christian disciple.

Vanity of Vanities, Saith the Preacher

44:33 minutes (9.25 MB)

Vanity of Vanities, Saith the Preacher

I. "Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity." (Ecc 1:2)

II. Vanity, vanity.
1. Vanity - 1. a. That which is vain, futile, or worthless; that which is of no value or profit.
2. Vain adj. - I. 1. Devoid of real value, worth, or significance; idle, unprofitable, useless, worthless; of no effect, force, or power; fruitless, futile, unavailing.

Mourning the Loss of a Loved One

60:49 minutes (12.5 MB)

I. The reality of death.
1. Death is a reality that we must all face (Ecc 8:8).
A. No man has control over the day of his death.
B. There is no getting out of it - "there is no discharge in that war".
2. God alone determines the length of our lives (Job 14:1-5).
A. Our days are determined by God.
B. He has set bounds on them that can't be passed (Job 14:5).
C. The days that we spend here on earth are few and full of trouble (Job 14:1).
3. Our life is short like a vapor (Jam 4:14; Job 7:7; Psa 78:39; Psa 89:47-48; Psa 144:4; Psa 103:15-16).

Blog - Why Bad Things Happen to Good People - An Economic Analogy


When a tragedy happens in our lives (a loved one dies, a baby is born with a disease, we lose a job, etc.) we often ask, "Why did this happen to me?" or "Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?".

Blog - Thy People Shall Be My People, And Thy God My God


"And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: 17) Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me. 18) When she saw that she was stedfastly minded to go with her, then she left speaking unto her." (Ruth 1:16-18)

Blog - Faint, Yet Pursuing


After Gideon and his little army of 300 men had watched the LORD deliver the army of the Midianites into their hands by causing them to turn on themselves and kill each other (Jdg 7:22), Gideon and his men went after Zebah and Zalmunna, the two kings of Midian, faint, yet pursuing them (Jdg 8:4).

The Beginning of a Journey (Part 3)

60:51 minutes (12.7 MB)

6. The LORD then gives Joshua the prescription for a prosperous and successful journey (Jos 1:8).
A. Joshua was to meditate in the book of the law.
i. Meditate - v. 1. trans. To muse over or reflect upon; to consider, study, ponder.
b. To fix one's attention upon; to observe with interest or intentness.
ii. Muse v. - 1. a. To be absorbed in thought; to meditate continuously in silence; to ponder.
iii. Consider v. - 1. To view or contemplate attentively, to survey, examine, inspect, scrutinize.

Blog- Give Me This Mountain


When Israel came out of Egypt and journeyed through the wilderness and came to the border of the land of Canaan, Moses sent in twelve men from the tribes of Israel to spy out the land and bring back a report. Of those twelve spies, only two (Caleb and Joshua) brought back a good report and encouraged the people to do as God had said and to take the land (Num 14:6-9); and because of that only the two of them out of their whole generation would come into the promised land (Num 14:30).


71:05 minutes (14.77 MB)


I. Sorrow is painful.
1. Sorrow n.- 1. a. Distress of mind caused by loss, suffering, disappointment, etc.; grief, deep sadness or regret; also, that which causes grief or melancholy; affliction, trouble.
2. Sorrow v.- 1. intr. To feel sorrow or sadness; to regret or grieve; also, to exhibit signs of grief, to mourn.
3. Mourn v. - 1. To feel sorrow, grief, or regret (often with added notion of expressing one's grief); to sorrow, grieve, lament.
II. Sorrow was the result of sin and was multiplied by sin (Gen 3:16-17).

The Beginning of a Journey (Part 2)

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III. The Lord's charge unto Joshua.
1. After the death of Moses, the LORD gave Joshua a charge to lead Israel into the promised land (Jos 1:1-2).
A. We are also heading to the promised land that God has waiting for us (1Pe 1:4; Joh 14:1-3).
B. We are looking for that same city and country that Abraham was (Heb 11:10,16; Heb 13:14).
2. God promised Joshua that he would be with him and not let his enemies stand before him as he did for Moses (Jos 1:5 c/w Deu 7:24).
A. God stands by his ministers in the N.T.

The Beginning of a Journey (Part 1)

75:33 minutes (15.75 MB)

The Beginning of a Journey

I. The story of Joshua leading Israel into the promised land is instructive for us as we begin our journey together.
1. The things that are recorded in the Old Testament were written for our learning and admonition.
A. They were written for our learning and comfort (Strengthening; encouragement, incitement; aid, succour, support, countenance.), and to give us hope (Rom 15:4).
B. They were also written as examples to us for our admonition (The action of admonishing; authoritative counsel; warning, implied reproof.) (1Co 10:11).

History of the Minneapolis Church

70:50 minutes (14.87 MB)

Pastor Mott gave a brief history of the Minneapolis Church and a short exhortation to the church as he resigned as pastor.

Blog - Is God Trying to Tell Me Something?


Do you ever wonder if God is trying to tell you something by situations or circumstances that happen in your life? Is there some lesson that He is trying to teach you when things don't go as planned? If you have wondered about these things, rest assured, you are not alone.

Thoughts on Ordination

76:16 minutes (16.4 MB)

Thoughts on Ordination

I. How do you know you're called to the ministry?
1. The standard answers:
A. I just feel God calling me.
B. God told me.
C. I have always wanted to be a preacher.
D. My mom/dad/grandma told me that they knew from the time I was a boy that I was going to be a preacher.
2. A desire to be a pastor is a good thing (1Ti 3:1), but the desire alone is not sufficient to make a man called of God.
A. There are many who desire to be teachers of the law who know not what they are talking about (1Ti 1:7).

Finding Contentment Being Single

86:40 minutes (18.11 MB)

Finding Contentment Being Single

I. Marriage: God's design for most people.
1. When God created Adam, God Himself said that it was not good that man should be alone and he made him a companion (Gen 2:18).
A. From the beginning of time, it was God's design that men and women would marry and be fruitful and multiply (Gen 2:24 c/w Gen 1:28).
B. Jesus affirmed this principle (Mar 10:6-8).
C. The institution of marriage was a picture of the mystery of Christ and the church (Eph 5:31-32).
D. Marriage, along with everything else God made in the creation, was a very good thing (Gen 1:31).

Blog - Be Still


Living in a fast paced world and one which is characterized by uncertainty, we all too often wonder and worry about what the next decade, year, month, or even week will bring, which is the source of much tension, stress, and anxiety. In this state of madness, how often do we take a minute and "Be still, and know that I am God..." (Psa 46:10)?

Blog - It's Out of This World


Have you ever wondered why you can spend eight hours a day with coworkers with whom you share common career interests, and possibly even personal interests, and yet only ever connect on a superficial level with them, and if you were to never see them again you wouldn't even care? But at the same time, have you ever wondered why you can meet a person that has been newly baptized into your church, or a member of another church of like-faith, and you can carry on a conversation with them for an hour and walk away feeling like you have known them your whole life?

Blog - The Day of Small Things


In an age of bigness -- Big houses, Big SUVs, Big screen TVs, Big Government, Big banks too Big to fail, Big Labor, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, and yes, even Big Religion -- the small, but important, things in life are often marginalized or even held in contempt. We live in a time and culture where the prevalent philosophy is "If it's bigger, it's got to be better". If the question penned by the prophet Zechariah, "For who hath despised the day of small things?" (Zec 4:10) were asked to the average person on the street today, the answer would likely be, "I do."

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

84:06 minutes (38.5 MB)

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

I. Questions.
1. Have you ever doubted the claims or existence of God or Jesus Christ?
2. Have you ever been in a trial or affliction and began to question your faith - things you once knew to be true?
3. Have you ever wondered if great men of faith have ever had the same struggles with doubt or unbelief as you?
4. Have you ever thought it would be nice to have God do a miraculous sign to prove His existence or His truth?
5. Have you ever wished that you could have been among Jesus' disciples when He walked the earth and personally met Him?

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