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Practical Living

Dealing With Problems in the Church (Part 1)

89:14 minutes (18.52 MB)

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Dealing With Problems in the Church

I. Problems will come.
1. Offences will come, but don't be the person by whom they come (Mat 18:7).
2. Heresies must come to manifest they who are approved (1Co 11:19).
3. Pastors will offend church members (Jam 3:1-2).
4. Trouble is common to all men (Job 14:1).
5. It is a given that problems will come, but what is important is how we deal with them.

Adultery and Church Membership

73:13 minutes (15.8 MB)

Adultery and Church Membership

I. The covenant of marriage.
1. Marriage is a covenant (Mal 2:14).
2. Covenant - 1. A mutual agreement between two or more persons to do or refrain from doing certain acts; a compact, contract, bargain; sometimes, the undertaking, pledge, or promise of one of the parties.
3. The covenant of marriage is different from any other covenant that men can establish.
a. It is life-long (Rom 7:2).
b. It is made between husband and wife, but it is enforced by God and His law (Rom 7:2; Mat 19:4-6).
c. The husband and wife become "one flesh" (Mar 10:8).

Partaking of the Divine Nature

67:39 minutes (14.29 MB)

Partaking of the Divine Nature (2 Peter 1:1-11)

I. This study should accomplish the following:
1. Learn how to know Jesus more intimately.
2. Learn what it means to partake of the divine nature and how to do it.
3. Learn how to gain the assurance of eternal life.

II. The importance of the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ.
1. Grace and peace are multiplied unto us through the knowledge of Jesus Christ (2Pe 1:2).
A. Knowing God brings us peace (Job 22:21).
B. The knowledge of God comes through diligently studying the word of God (Pro 2:1-6).

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