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Video Blog - Why I'm Not a Primitive Baptist

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A copy of the outline is attached below in both Word and PDF formats.

Why I'm Not a Primitive Baptist

I. I (and the Minneapolis Church which I pastor) hold many things in common with the Primitive Baptists such as:
1. The Trinity and the deity of Jesus Christ.
2. Sovereign grace, including total depravity, election, predestination, limited atonement, regeneration before faith, unconverted elect, and preservation of the saints (we are not Calvinists).
3. Believers baptism by immersion which adds one to the membership of a local church.
4. Baptist church lineage and perpetuity.
5. King James Bible as the inspired, infallible, and preserved word of God in English.
6. Amillenialism (for lack of a better term).
7. Expiration of the sign gifts by 70AD.
8. Biblical Creation.
9. Using unleavened bread and wine for communion.
10. Feetwashing.
11. Acapella singing.
12. Informal training of ministers.

II. But there are five main reasons why I am not a Primitive Baptist.
1. The Sonship of Jesus Christ.
A. Jesus Christ became the Son of God when he was born of the virgin Mary, and not before.
B. We do NOT believe that Jesus was eternally begotten or any such thing.
C. PB churches (at least some) believe that Jesus Christ is the eternally begotten Son of God, meaning He became the Son of God in eternity past by being begotten by God the Father.
D. See videos called: Was Jesus Christ Eternally Begotten? and Eternal Generation / Eternal Sonship is an Oxymoronic Heresy (Animated Video).
E. Also check out these sermons: The Sonship of Christ.
2. Church autonomy and independence.
A. We are an autonomous, independent, unincorporated, non-501c3, baptistic church which is a part of no denomination or association.
B. PB churches are part of an association of churches.
C. At least some PB churches are 501c3 nonprofit corporations.
D. See video called: Churches Shouldn't be 501(c)(3) Corporations of the State.
3. Church government.
A. Each local church is to be ruled and overseen by its own pastor (elder, bishop, steward, preacher, overseer), and its only "rules of order" are the holy scriptures.
B. PB churches are ruled (at least in part) by a board or group of deacons in their local PB church and influenced by "denominational bosses" (elders of other PB churches).
C. Their meetings and church business are conducted according to the Robert's Rules of Order.
D. See video called: One Pastor Can Do It All - Seminaries, Bible Colleges, Denominations, Associations, Missionary Boards, and Committees are Unbiblical and Useless.
E. Also check out these sermons: Pastoral Authority.
4. Interchurch communion.
A. We practice "closed communion" which means that only members of the Minneapolis Church partake of communion together; members of other churches, even churches of like-faith do not take communion with us, nor we with them.
B. PB churches practice "close communion"; members of any PB church can partake of communion with any other PB church.
C. See video called: Closed Communion.
D. Also check out this sermon: Communion (Part 2) - Closed Communion.
5. Pagan holidays.
A. We do not observe nor celebrate the pagan holidays of Christmas, Easter, and Halloween corporately as a church, nor as individuals.
B. PB churches (at least some) celebrate at least some of these pagan holidays either corporately, individually, or both.
C. See videos called: Why Christians Shouldn't Celebrate Christmas, I Don't Celebrate Christmas Because I'm a Christian (Animated Video), Celebrating Christmas and Drinking Blood - Using Romans 14 Doesn't Work, Why Christians Shouldn't Celebrate Easter, Why Christians Shouldn't Celebrate Halloween.
D. Also check out these sermons: Pagan Holidays.

III. For a more thorough explanation, listen to the Bible study series that I did called Why We are Not Primitive Baptists.

IV. All the links to the videos and sermons referenced are provided in the video description.

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